Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Firewood, Chickens and Coyotes

I came home with a trunk load of free firewood that my dad gave me. He has probably 4 more trunk loads. I changed clothes and turned on the light in the chicken house.

This morning when I went to leave for work before daylight I saw that Oreo had flown up and roosted on the top of the chicken wire. I sent a text to my daughter to clip her wings when she woke up. Well guess who was sitting on top of the wire tonight. Mind you her wings were shorter but I had never shown Heather how to clip a chicken's wing feathers. So I snatched her up, carried her upside down into the house...another little trick I need to show my daughter....gotta get her used to the country again.....and talked to Oreo while I clipped off all the feathers on one wing. She was as calm as could be. I took her back to her buddies and filled the food and water and they played happily while I unloaded the firewood.

This night is warm...just like TX to change her mind about the cold weather so fast. That's ok cause I unloaded wood in my pj's and listened to the seranade of a pack of coyotes w/in 100 yards of me. I am sure they are still talking about the new fast food place in town.

After I was done unloading, I leaned on the shed door and watched my chickens. This is what I love so much about chickens. When I watch them the cares of my day just slip away. I laughed as Blackie the Mystery Chicken tried to stuff herself into the food bucket, and Vanilla was staring straight up at the ceiling trying to figure out how to get up there.

Shadow and Brave are best friends and don't go anywere unless they are together.

As you can see chickens are a lot like people. The smarter older chickens are on the roost.....

while the younger teenagers are still up and messing around (talking on their cell phones or playing WOW)

Tonight although stressful with work and visiting my mom who is still ill, it ended rather well.

Thought of the day....chickens are cheaper than therapy.

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Patrice Farmer said...

LOL-talking on their cell phones...glad you got the free firewood and the chick-chicks are so cute.