Sunday, October 12, 2008


What a beautiful day it is outside. I can't believe how wonderful it is. I have been busy catching up on my day off. I got to sleep in til 7:30!! Amazing. While the coffee was brewing I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

Then I started the first of 3 loads of laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, and then drank my first cup while checking my emails. That is around the time I found the shovel in the coat closet. Go figure.

Then it was time to get to work outside. With scissors, trash bags and weed eater in hand, I went out to work on the soon to be chicken run. Yes the one with the poison ivy. Now it was very day light so I could see what I was doing. Hmmmm....didn't know poison ivy had thorns. Went in to look it up and lo and's not poison ivy but blackberries instead. I am such a country woman I just amaze myself sometimes.

Got most of the tall grass and the torn up plastic bags picked up and raked out the potting soil that Bull had dumped out flat. I had a wheel barrow full of molded old turkey food that had to go into the compost so I could use the wheel barrow to wheel down the 10 full trash bags that I had filled when cleaning up in the shop and behind the shop to the end of the driveway where I keep the trash can. Got that done and the dew was now dry so I brought out the vacume cleaner and VACUMED MY DRIVE WAY....had to put that in all caps because it really made me mad to have to vacume my grass driveway. But I had to clean up all the stuffing from the giant stuffed dog that Bull tore up.

Then I raked the front yard and finished picking up all the tiny iddy biddy pieces of stuff there that Bull had torn up. After all of that I pulled out the mower and mowed the front yard and the back by the chicken run.

Time to take a shower and go to The Home Depot. Bought my list of supplies that I need to build the chicken run. Talked to the guys that are picking it up...bless their hearts...they have been at work since 6am and will be tired before they even get here.

Then to Kroger...picked up large potatos to bake, ranch style beans, dressing for the salad, marinade for the 4 large rib eye steaks that I will be cooking for the guys building the chicken pen, and a Mr. Coffee ice tea machine. It is hot today and they will need ice tea.

Stopped by Sonic to get ice and came on home. The taters are baking....Flash is curled up next to me and I think I have time for a little nap before the guys get here.




Peggy said...

wish I lived close by. I would love to work for steak!! LOL


Oh my gosh I could not believe how expensive they were! 2 rib eyes for 15..not bad when considering 2 T bones for 31!!!! But these guys are worth it considering it is a 1 hour drive out from our work and a 1 hour drive back when they are done. Hope we get a chance to sit by the fire tonight before they leave.