Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quiet evening

The wind is out of the North. No cricket sounds or owl sounds tonight. There are no sounds from the dogs barking.

Just the sound of the wind. What a peaceful evening. I don't have to be to work til late tomorrow so I want to get as much done tonight as possible. Here is my to do list before I go to bed.

1. take out all the trash
2. three loads of laundry
3. empty the kitty litter
4. vacume living room hall and my bedroom
5. clean my bathroom
6. clean the kitchen
7. pick up toys and put them in the toy box

In the morning:
1. cut starter wood and fill up a box on the front porch with it
2. cut up the remainder of the smaller branches to start fires (seperate box)
3. larger wood in a 3rd box
4. clean front porch
5. cut the scrub brush from the trees that we cut last year and bundle to dry as starter wood
6. clean up the field
7. mow the field--about a 2 hour this will be partial
8. deal with an angry daughter who got woke up by the mower :)
9. drink coffee in my rocking chair on the front porch and watch the birds at the bird feeder.

and last but not with my chickies--OREO (the queen), VANILLA, CHOCOLATE, SHADOW, BRAVE, AND BLACKIE THE MYSTERY CHICKEN. (Dakota hasn't chosen a name yet)

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