Friday, January 21, 2011


Here is this weekend's to do list:

1. Work with grand boys to earn their Bear and Wolf badges

2. Clean and press their uniforms and change their pack numbers, add their belt loops and add their badges

3. Go to the farm and get milk

4. Make chicken soup for a sick friend

5. Take all bunnies out of the cages, clip toenails, brush them and check their ears.

6. Move the fuzzy rabbits somewhere else. Go get a new cage for momma rabbit and move her to her own cage. (new babies are due in 2 wks)

7. Do Laundry

8. Help boys clean their room

9. Have boys help me pack the metal box that is in the bed of my truck and talk about emergency preparedness.

10. Work with boys on arts and crafts and whittling

I hope I get all of this done. I would love to also clean out my frig.

Hope your weekend is full of wonder and grand boys


Patty Sumner said...

Sounds as if you are going to be extra busy. Have a good one! Blessings!

Faith said...


Checking to see if you got my email about figs, or if your addy changed. :o)



Thank you Faith!! Just emailed you. Patty we have been and it is not over yet;