Sunday, January 16, 2011


Thursday night I went to the local wally world and had pre-decided my $ limit. I actually needed little but wanted to boost my emergency stock pile. So instead of running in and out, I decided to walk slowly down the isles and look at the sales. It paid off. I came in under my limit and I left with 1.5 grocery carts full of food.

Friday when my grandboys got there we looked at all of the food and discussed what would happen if an ice storm came and we couldn't get to the store or worse if the stores went away.

I woke this morning and realized that If I did not re-organize my kitchen shelves I would not have room for all of the new groceries that had been sitting on my counter since Thursday night. I had been dreading this! It is like spring have to tear it apart first and then put it back...twice the work.

So I am done with the shelves. Not perfect but organized into Pastas, rice, beans, cereals, breads, oils, sweetners, meats, veggies, sauces, condiments, etc.

Now for the rest of the house! Have I told you lately how much I hate cleaning house?

Outside it is raining and drippy. But it is not freezing which is a great thing. If I ever get my house cleaned, I might go work on the tool shed.

I didn't get to go to the rabbit show yesterday because of a sick grandboy. He was disapointed also.

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Faith said...

Looks great!