Monday, January 24, 2011


I am so excited. Really my area is too cold for this plant but I will do my best in the late fall to heavily mulch and cover them so that the roots don't die.

This is a high protien legume that makes a good livestock feed. I will be feeding this to my rabbits and my chickens.


Kathy said...

Hi! I have also been looking at growing leucaena to supplement my chickens and rabbits. I read that only 10% or less of their diet could be made up of that, and ruminants could have up to 50%. (ruminants can break down the toxin in the plant mimosene better) I bought seed for egyptian wheat sorghum this year, and mangel beet seed. I have been growing a huge bed of new zealand spinach for the chickens. (we eat some too)

I would love to hear any other ideas or thoughts for growing feed for small livestock on a small homestead :)



I know that with any kind of grown feed for rabbits, you should not just feed one kind. Just as with leucaena, other plants hold toxins that can build up in rabbits and kill them; Their main diet will be pellets though.