Friday, January 14, 2011


In these anything can get done. There is nothing you will shy away from. (ok maybe deep mud) but certainly not poo of any kind, tall grass, piles of leaves, things that need to be built, painted or killed.

Yep I am talking about that favorite pair of work shoes.

Here's mine:

Also, I took a vacation day today. So far here is what I have gotten done:
1. watered last years apple trees with compost tea
2. cleaned, scraped and raked out the chicken house, and bleached their water containers
3. Sat for 2 hours at the dealer while they tried to find the noise in Boo's rear end.

Pathetic I's noon...half the day is gone and really only 2 things checked off of the to do list. My ADD kicks in after about 1 hour and I want to change jobs.

BUT...while I was bleaching the water containers, I heard one of my new hens fly out of the hen house so I walked over to see what she was doing and couldn't see her right away. Then found her behind the feed bin. Getting ready to deposit an egg on a nest of 3. Tonight! All wings get clipped.

I have been wondering why my Brown Leggorns have not been laying. They lay white eggs so I knew I would know them. I hope this is the only secret nest.

Getting ready to go pick up the grand boys! Woohoo then a 2:30 conference call. And the rest of the day is mine! Gotta get the bunnies ready for our firs Bunny show tomorrow. We leave at 5am.


Faith said...

Nice, shiny, clean eggs. :o)

I think ALL of my shoes end up being working shoes. LOL I try, but eventually they all end up being covered in mud and stains.

I feel like I"m getting nothing done, because all that I'm doing is stuff I dislike doing (learning computer programs) and don't directly effect our farm. So I'm having to focus on accepting that this time of learning will pay off later. But I have a list of things I want to be doing instead, so it's a mental struggle.

Compost tea, what a wonderful winter treat. They are going to be very happy this spring!



Faith you and I both. The pair in the picture I swore would not be farm shoes! Oh well.

Computer programs? Such as IT stuff or software like Word and Excel?

I am trying to boost the root systems so that when spring arrives they have a great growing season. I am looking for asian pears right now to plant prior to the spring thaw.

Faith said...

I love Asian pears. I hope to plant some soon. Nice and crispy. I can't believe how expensive they are in stores.

I'm trying to learn how to build web sites, both for a business and for selling on eBay.

I'm not a natural at it, I don't like computers, so I don't find it fun or challenging, just time consuming - a means to an end.


~ H said...

I live in my mud boots these days. If I am outside I am wearing boots. I have no idea what I am going to do when the temps warm back up. I really dislike wearing shoes, esp. in the summer. I usually do too many things in flip flops. Not the best for wearing in the barn yard. :(
I swear every year I won't do it but darn it I just don't like to wear shoes!

Jackie said...

Laughing at your work shoes. I so identify!


Faith I love love love computers. But I am not good at websites even though I was in charge of one of my works intranet site. I would love to have my own web page and will eventually if I ever want to sell from the farm.

H I have 3 pairs of flip flops and one pair of tie died clogs that I do summer farm work with that I have worn out. This year I am going to need to get a new pair of work tennis shoes and a new pair of work slip on shoes.

Jackie I laugh at them each time I put them on

Robin J. said...

Haha Lee used to have some pairs of shoes that looked like that. Not any more though. It rains too much here so you would have wet feet all the time.