Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Can you believe that Boo has over 52k miles on her!!! I had driven the tread right off of the tires.

I started pricing truck tires! Wow! They start at $750 and go way up. I went to one used tire place and the guy told me that I will never find them.

As I was walking out a young man in a nice black coat approached me and told me he had a dealership in town and all of his used cars get tires from another used tire shop in town.

So I drove another mile down the road and found Castillo's Tires and they were so nice. I got 4 almost brand new tires mounted and balanced for $50/tire!!

One more night of cold weather and it will warm up for a while. I bought TX 10/15 sweet onions sets today at Calloways Nursery. And oh my goodness their trees are huge and beautiful and were only $24.99. But none of them (apple or pear) were of the crisp variety. So I abstained. But I might go back for a fig tree. Those were beautiful also. Very heavy branches.

They told me that I should go to the TX A&M website and see what fruit and nut trees will do well here as it is warmer and wetter and there are more diseases due to that.


Patty Sumner said...

What a sweet blog. Found you while browsing around. I read all the blogs that run on the page. You live a really interesting life. You are right, God is good and patient with us. So often we goof up what his ultimate plan and purpose for our lives. I hope you will stop by as I count my blessings too. Continued Blessings to you!


Thank you Patty

Faith said...

I'm rooting fig scions now, they finally began to take. It's just been so cold, even in the house.

Enter a bright idea - use the dehydrator! ---- carefully.

Maybe when the weather warms up, I can send you some fig cuttings if you like?

Great shopping on the tires! Sounds like the first place was not very helpful in helping you find a good deal. Castillo's just found return business and word of mouth spread, I'm betting. :o)



Oh my gosh Faith that would be so wonderful. And if I get any good at it....and don't kill all my plants....I could do the same! Thank you!