Sunday, December 12, 2010


I feel like a new father...pacing in the waiting room nervously. My second doe tore apart her nest today and was running around the cage with hay in her mouth like a huge moustaches.

I have watched her all evening building the most beautiful nest I have ever seens for a winter birth. It is like a ball of hay with a hole in the middle.

Now if she can just figure out how to have babies in there instead of on the cage floor.


Peggy said...

When they start pulling their fur you will have babies in a few hours. We have a couple of does that build beautiful nests and tear them apart several times before they finally make one and have their babies

Faith said...

I love the nests. So soft.

How exciting! Can't wait for pics.



aarrggghhh. no fur pulling yet. The pretty nest was full of momma's fat self this morning and she opened one eye as it to say "Who did you think I was making this nest for?"

Tonight? Still no fur pulling just a pretty nest. Tomorrow will be 32 days unless I miscounted.