Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love having something cool to do when I can't sleep. I got out the dried sweet potato from the dehydrator.

Some of it was the consistency of fruit leather. Some was dry and shattered. Now I know that I want it very thin for how I want to store it. I put all the parts back in on a couple of trays to see if they would become brittle. And while I was at it I filled the remaining 8 trays with some more mashed sweet potato.

Then I put the brittle potatos in the food processor for the initial run.

I got semi large chunks. I could store this way just fine but I wanted powder. So I broke out the blender for the final run. I am very pleased.


~ H said...

first ginger ale and now dehydrated sweet potatoes! I am always learning from you. Oh do you ever freeze eggs? I know you can break them and stir them up a bit, put them in ice cube trays and then when frozen put them in a freezer bag. I just wonder if they taste any different after being frozen?


You know H my girls produce all year long so there is really no reason to. But I didn't read good reviews on them. I would google it and then try it. I tried canning just because I didn't get a complete discription of "what happens when".

~ H said...

I think ours will "give" all year as well. It just so happens we have 36 eggs in my fridge right now. I can give some away I was just wondering if I froze some for a one of those rainy day baking days, if it would be worth my while? Hmmmm off to the google machine


H heck yea. With this many extras I would recommend a mega experiment and I would not mind seeing the results of this too! Let me know.

Peggy said...

do you ever rest? How do you think of so much to preserve? I am amazed