Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well my biggest bunny had one dead baby 6 days early on the cage floor today.

I am not sure why but it was a very large baby. The smallest is supposed to deliver on sunday. Hopefully that delivery will go better.


Peggy said...

It sometimes happens Tracy. We had a doe have only one last week and it died. A friend had some baby bunnies that a first time doe wouldn't take care of so we put them with her and they are doing great and the doe is happy. She had had good litters before with no problem. Just have to accept things as they happen. Good luck with the next litter

~ H said...

I am not sure if you remember my posts about our seven adorable baby bunnies. Sadly our mama just didn't want to be a mama. We thought the last remaining 2 were going to make it. It was a very sad Thanksgiving when the bad mama skills came out again and took the life of the sweet grey baby and then the black one the next day. My sweet Carley was devastated, to say the least.


Peggy I hope it wasn't something that I did wrong. I don't think it was. As soon as I saw her pulling fur I put her box in. She had used it because there was blood in it.

H I am sorry to hear of that. I know I will not keep a doe who is a bad momma. I will give this doe 2 more tries to produce good litters.