Sunday, December 5, 2010


Well it was a pretty good weekend.

I got the large tarp up to block the wind on the N side of the car port. This will help the rabbits this winter.

I picked tons of beets, turnips and greens and started canning the greens.

I powdered my first batch of dried sweet potatoes.

I made my hoop house for the salad garden.

I killed 3 chickens and used them to make 8 quarts of chicken and dumplings. I will take some of this to work for lunches and give some to my daughter for her boyfriend (special b day request). And if there is any left over I will can the rest.

I almost completed the laundry.

All of the dishes are washed but I would not consider the kitchen clean yet. It is still cluttered.

I cleaned my room and hung up all the clothes that I had washed yesterday. I emptied all the trash.

I bought (but have not used) a food saver vaccum sealer and some canning jars as well as several needed baking tools for the kitchen.

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