Friday, December 3, 2010


Well guys it happened today!!! I closed on the refinance!!! The remaining debt I have is paid off as of the 10th except for the truck and the house and my next house payment is February 1. This is a good thing because after a horror of a drive from Rockwall TX to Dallas TX which took 2 hours due to a wreck that closed the freeway, a wait in the room at the doctor for 1 hour before he came in and then being told I have to have surgery by the 28th of December.....well I know that doctor bills don't be covered 100% and I will be off work for at least a week.

Can you believe it happened!!!?

Then I bought something I have been trying to get for months but could not find one in my price range! A Knack jobmaster 36 chest for my truck! Of course I see a paint job in the near future. (with the words painted on the lid saying "Nanna's Tools).

ps....I got lost going to close, I got lost trying to get to the doctors office and that was over half an hour and in a really scary part of town. I did get to see where Dallas has really renovated old neighborhoods though.

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