Thursday, December 2, 2010


Here is what to watch for beginning now. Manufacturers have done this before. On both coffee and on sugar. Probably a whole lot of not so obvious things (like the size of a burger at the local drive in?)

5 Years ago coffee sugar and flour could be purchased in 5lb sacks or cans.

6 months ago when I purchased the coffee this was the size.

Now at the local wally world under a sign that says "This is the same great coffee...only a different label" this is the size.

No the price did not go down.


~ H said...

I had quite a laugh in the cereal isle tonight. The 14.8oz box of Trix was $2.59 while the 10.4oz box of Trix was $3.88. Hmmmm let's see if you were buying Trix which box would you be buying?

As for packaging... Quaker Chewy bars are being packaged differently too... they now come minus the box. They are grouped together and then there is one small wrapper around the middle of them holding them together. One would think the pricing would come down. Guess that little strip of paper costs as much as that box did?

Faith said...

I've been watching the size of grocery items steadily decrease for a while now. I wonder if people don't notice or are just accepting of it. The containers are smaller, they have 'decorate' indentations in the bottoms or sides, etc.