Saturday, November 8, 2008


I worked hard today at work. I got completly caught up!!! Then I went shopping and stocked up because chicken is on sale. Then I came home to a great surprise. A brown house!!!
David was there and the whole front of the house was done. Most of one side. Tomorrow (hopefully) he will finish.
We did have a sad thing though. Shadow died. One of the little chickens. She didn't have any marks and she wasn't overly skinny but this morning before I left I noticed that she was poofed up.
I got a chance to sit in the chicken house and just enjoy them today. I laughed so hard at Oreo. She would poof up her neck and run at one of the other chickens. They would completely ignore her while she would stop short.....give them the stink eye.....and then walk off as if nothing ever happened.
I also used my cordless circular saw out at the debris pile to cut fire wood. Rather than have a bon fire, I decided that the pile has about $100 worth of wood and would save me at least that much in propane. I want to try to see how much my farm has to provide.
I don't want to waste any more.
I have left over cracked corn mixed with bird seed that the birds didn't like. Boy do the chickens love it! As I sat and watched the chickens though, a rat snuck through the right side of the coup, into the coup and started gathering pine shavings. The big chickens chased him, the little chickens ignored him.
Now we have a fire in the fire place, pizza on our plates and are watching a movie about knights in shining armor with the grand kids and daughter. Life really is good.


Patrice Farmer said...

You too with the rats...ugh. Those things make me so upset. I thought I was done with the rats after putting poison down but apparently I fed something last night...gotta put more down tonight.


can you set traps instead? if the rat eats poison and then goes to the chicken waterer and drinks he will die pretty quick. then if the chicks eat him they will die too.

ok i am a worry wart. I lost 2 more chickens to my dog last night. he got out and into the chicken house. He is on craigs list right now. he will go to the pound if no one takes him.