Saturday, November 15, 2008


I woke to a startlingly amazing day. Today in 1985, a really cool thing happened. I was blessed with a baby boy 5 weeks early. Happy Birthday Tom! He's a little bigger now! I wish you were here!

The sun was shining and I had slept til 7:30am. The only reason I woke up was because Karri, Tom's wife, called me while she was cooking him breakfast. Yes she served him breakfast in bed....she is such a good wife!

I am off today but it is COLD outside and the wind is blowing at about 30mph.

Last night I worked on my room for 2 hours and after cleaning it and the bathroom I felt much better about the giant bed. Now I have room. I am working today on about 5 loads of laundry, I got pine shavings for the chicken house, brought it home and then decided that the chickens would do better on just a dirt floor. Dad came over and we built a roost! We also fixed the hole in the door that Bull made when he broke in. I am ready for more chickens.

I unloaded a trunk load of firewood, and also filled up the gas can. I am getting ready to go get a load of rabbit poop and put in the compost pile and then I am going to start mowing the field. Although I like the look of a wild growing field, this field has about a hundred little locust trees growing in it. I have to mow to keep those from spreading.

Well it's not getting mowed with me sitting here.

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Patrice Farmer said...

Very nice roost!!! And I know what you mean about cleaning out your room...its day three and I still haven't finished. I don't have alot of stuff I just have been lazy...its not gonna go anywhere. And I would suggest you use the shavings...that will keep them cleaner. And Happy Birthday to your son and that was a nice gift from his wife!!!