Monday, November 17, 2008


What an amazingly beautiful day. I love living in Texas most of the times. No pics today because I left when it was dark and got back when it was dark.

When I left my older chickens were asleep on the floor. When I got back everyone was snuggled up together on the new roost. Facing the wall...that is weird as I thought they would sleep facing the door. I had to wake all up to fill feed and water. I also bought chicken grit and put it out.

I plan on staying long enough in the morning to watch the sun come up, drink coffee and open the door to the run. It was too cold this morning to open the north facing door. It is 57 out now and I don't think it will be too cold in the morning.

Dinner was wonderful....especially because it was cooked by my daughter. Baked chicken with cilantro, rice, baked sliced potatos with some mystery spices, cherry pie and vanilla ice cream.

Work is good and busy but not too bad. My sister is healing. My mom is healing.

Getting ready to send a package to NC, Ft Bragg to my son and his family.

Saturday I am making a trip to Mary of Pudding Hill ( ).

You may cringe when you hear Fruit Cake but that is only because you have never had one of hers. She has a Walnut/pecan fruit cake that is totally to die for. They also serve lunch and are fun because you get to taste before you buy. Very quaint also.

I have decided that I have 3 acres to walk around and get some exercise so Saturday I will take the mower and mow the peremeter of the farm, clearing a path because I don't like long grass, and start walking. I will have to be brave and walk in the dark.

Time to think about eating healthier also. I am tired of being tired.

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Patrice Farmer said...

I love fruitcake and I'll be making it for the second year this year and sending it to my mother...and it has walnuts and pecans in it too. I made it last year because the store we bought it from all my life closed down and so it was either go without or make it...gotta love fruitcake!!!