Sunday, November 2, 2008

Demo is done.....and brown time is here!!

The work at the rental house is done! We got 8 windows...not full ones but the bottom half that would come out easy....I can still use them. 1 large book shelf, 2 workbenches, 1 small full window, 1 section of counter top...about 3.5 ft long. 5 upper kitchen cabinets, lots of 1" dowel rods and about a pound of pecans. We pulled out the toilet but since I didn't need it and my friend did I gave it to her. There was no more room in the truck and my car or we would have taken two large wooden doors, some long top rails for chain link fencing which I could cut and use in the garden as tomato supports which is what their original purpose was, and 3 sections of old fencing which I would have used as starter wood. I still may go back for those.

Then off to my sisters to watch the Giants stomp my Cowboys....sad just sad.

Then off to Home Depot where I finally decided on a color of paint. I wanted to get a different brand but that other brand has sorry sorry brown colors.

So we will see what it looks like with a couple of coats on the house and finished. Brown with white trim.

I am dead tired and tomorrow have to work hard to get my desk ready for a vacation day on Tue.

My big sister has cancer surgery on Tuesday. Today was hard on her. She is getting nervous.

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Patrice Farmer said...

Go back and get it. Sounds like you know what to use it for. Sounds good. Sorry to hear about your sister. I hope everything turns out alright.