Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cool Sunday---Chicken doctorin'

The temp outside is perfect. Not too hot not too cold. The sun is peeking out now and then. Everything is damp. I just got done picking up 5 dead rats!

Yesterday while mowing there were rats running everywhere! While I was riding around my cat Flash kept running out into the field, grabbing a rat and running back to the house with it.

Up until now I have only seen him let them go. i guess he is killing them after all. Good kitty.

Red is still in the bathroom...I have no box big enough for her to re-coup in. I will have to fix that. But for now the bathroom is hers. Thank goodness for pinesol and bleach.

I have put her on a wormer but she has stopped eating. If she is not better by tonight I will probably need to put her down.

I am worming all of the chickens for now.

Chili is cooking....getting ready to make a big pan of homemade cornbread.


Peggy said...

Tracy, don't put her down until you can call your county extension office. They can probably tell you what is wrong with her. Another thing might be Newcastle Disease. There isn't a treatment but there is a vaccine. Sorry I am not much help.


Thank you Peggy.