Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today John worked on moving the wonderful dirt from the far back raised bed garden into the kitchen garden. It is time to start plants for the fall garden.

We also moved the strawberry bed into place. I hate to do it but I am going to have to buy round up and spray around the edge of the garden. The bermuda grass is going nuts.

The bunny came out to say hi to us. I know he misses his buddies.

We finished cleaning under the carport and dragged over the wooden frames.

This one will be the rabbit frame and will hold the meat rabbits. Ignore the not finished paint job please.

This one will be my tool shed.

I harvested 4 speghetti squash from the garden. One more to go and that is it. It still more than paid for the cost of one seed packet. At about $2/lb each one is worth almost five dollars.

And the best of all! John made a home made apple pie! Home made crust. Fresh apples, fresh butter, spices!!! It is baking now.


Peggy said...

I want a slice of that pie!! love your strawberry bed.

Faith said...

I've never baked a pie with butter on top of the crust. Sugar, yes. Butter no.

I'm going to look that up, because I looooooooove butter!

You are doing amazing things there. I love it!