Saturday, July 31, 2010


Just got the boys to bed. Looking at tonight's harvest. 2 eight ball zuchinni squash...1 eight ball that turned orange and the last of the squaghetti squash.

Time to pull up the squash and cukes to make room for a fall crop.

Lettuce, red, green, speckled and more
Beets (I can never get these to grow but I always try because they are my fav)
Garlic (a whole bed of this)
Fava Beans – this will be my first try
Basil--to make and freeze pesto

My peppers are still producing pablanos and jalepenos. I dehydrate them as soon as they come off.

If you have never had fresh off the plant broccoli please grow some. It is amazing.

Jack from The Survival Podcast says that the fall is the best time to grow. It is scorching now of course so seeds won't start outside but you can start them inside.

I am going to try leaving some carrots and turnips in the ground for storage to see how they do.

I will have a salad frame that I hope to keep going through winter so that we can have fresh green salad until it is time to plant the spring crop. I will plant several different types and keep track of how they do with a large batch of Black Seeded Simpson.


Faith said...

I need to get going on this as well.

Do you have a pesto recipe that does not cost a fortune? I have been drooling over everyone's pestos, but have not done it because the main ingredient seems to be cheese, rather than basil. :oP



Here is the one I have:

Pesto is always expensive because of the pine nuts and cheese. so you make what you can and then with the rest of the basil I imagine you can process it w/out the cheese and pine nuts and then add them later?