Tuesday, January 19, 2010


When I came home tonight I knew that tomorrow it might rain so I had to get the 1/2 truck load of horse manure off loaded along with the new gate my dad made and the 3 bags of cans waiting to go to the scrap yard.

I also brought home an old horse water trough which leaks. I will use this for the first week of the lives of my new chicks, turkeys, ducklings and goslings which will be added to the farm this year.

The trough was only partially covering the load of manure and I knew it would be a mess if it got rain. So I used the trough to hold the 7 wheel barrow loads of manure and covered it with plastic and flat rocks....thank goodness because it started raining about half hour ago.

My tennis elbow is now officially acting up.

I love the sound of a soft peaceful rain. But I walked around in my field prior to the rain beginning and found standing water still from the weekend rains. My driveway is destroyed. I am not sure what I will need to do to repair it. I think it will need to be graded and then have rock brought in and spread out. Sounds like a lot of money.

The reason I was walking around in the field was because when I rounded the curve to my house about 50 yds from my gate was a large racoon in the middle of the road. Talk about loosing the rest of my chickens in one night!!! So I walked Bull around so he could pee on everything and maybe make the racoon think twice about wandering in. This is the first one I have seen since I have lived here.

I wish I had set out my onion starts yesterday. The rain would have done them good.

Ok g'night y'all.


Faith said...

I've got your package ready to be mailed. Will send it off when I go to town today.

Tennis elbow - all the pain, none of the fun! :oP


Leasmom said...

Tracy, thats great. You're really doing it!

Heather said...

Leasmom I don't feel like it. For every step forward something happens which will cost a lot of money to fix...2 steps back. I will keep going

Sis said...

Just found your blog and read a bit. Three posts back you mention rabbit poo. This is one of the best organic fertilizers imaginable. Interested? write me and meantime I'll ry and locate the blog that talks about it. I intend to bookmark yours and come back soon. very enjoyable!

Sis said...

Having started at the first post of your blog and working forward, I now feel like an idiot commenting before about the rabbit poo. The blog I mentioned though - the guy pours water on the poo and makes tea and has buckets of it just waiting for his needs. How lucky you are to have a supply source. Wish I did. Your blog is going to my favorite list on my home page so I can see each new post and others can link to it also. Wonderful blog, lady. Just wonderful. Thanks for sharing your farm life.

Heather said...

Sis welcome aboard!! Never feel like an idiot on my behalf. I have felt that way a million times since I bought this farm. I am glad to have you. I get very excited talking about compost and manure because I have such great sources.


Sis I always forget to sign my daughter out before I comment. The comment from Heather is me!