Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yes I am calling it Wormworld. The hot tub slash worm farm. It is 6am and I got up to look at the radar. What was supposed to be a 70 degree sunny day has changed to rain all day.......have I reminded you guys lately how much I hate mud!!!!

So my first cup of coffee is in hand, and I will show you what I bought at Lowes yesterday.

This is a 1 inch pvc ball valve, a 1.75 inch hole drill bit, and a can of spray foam. I bought three of these. This is the beginning of Wormworld.

Ok get this. I work in the corporate world but I have the greatest set of bosses you can ever imagine. There are 6 unit managers. I told my UM about Wormworld and he got so excited he told the others. They love to fish with their kids and can't wait for me to get this up and running. I can't wait to supply them with limitless crawlers for their children to enjoy. The kids would have as much fun coming out and digging out their own night crawlers as they would fishing with them! I love my UM's.

I also purchased a set of TX Super Sweet onions, 4 heads of seed garlic, 2 packages of lettuce seeds, 1 of spinach, 1 swiss chard, 2 packes of different kinds of seed potatos, 12 collard green plants and 12 broccoli plants.

I really have no self control in Lowes in the spring!!! Speaking of Spring did I tell you it HAILED on my while I was driving home 2 days ago!!! Yes Boo got hailed on. But she is too dirty to tell if there is any damage.

My helper John came out last night and dug up the back double chain link gate. I will install that on the right side of the garden fence. He also dug up the old iron clothes line.

Also I purchased a dvd set called Food Production Systems. Back Yard Food Production sells this. I watched their little intro videos online and had all kinds of ideas blooming. They are one of the sponsors of The Survival Podcast so I try to support them when I can.

The sad part is I can't get them to play on my dvd player. I emailed them to see why.

Ok I better go check the radar again. I might be cleaning house all day.


Sis said...

Wormworld could be very lucrative for you. I worked back in 1977 with a young woman who made $5,000 yearly from her worm beds. They do have to have food to keep them from leaving the bed, I understand.


I believe it. And with an unlimited amount of table scraps manure shredded bills etc, I should be able to supply that for them. I know I will need a learning curve but I can't believe how expensive worms are to buy.

Sis said...

Ah, it's called inflation. Tea bags and coffee grounds - good for the garden soil, I am told.
I really like your beds. What did you use to create the different sections?


Sis that is strips of bamboo from my bamboo patch. I cut those 2 years ago and they have been laying exposed to the weather and are still unrotten. I measured and marked the boards along the edge and just laid the bamboo inside. It is not perfect but it will do

Leasmom said...

Thats what I'm doing next is making a worm composter. You're way ahead of everyone!


I think no matter where you are, a worm composter will work as long as you can bring them in when it is too cold or too hot. I will be experimenting with weather conditions for the next year;