Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well the temp outside is 27 and dropping. Icy freezing rain is falling and there are about 300 accidents between here and work. Sounds like I will be late leaving for work.

So I have time to write my orders for seeds and possibly chickens. I got the new Randal Burkey catalog. I may also place my order for turkeys with Cackle Hatchery.

Listening to a local radio online and school closures are starting to be listed. I can hear the kids cheering.

The temps won't get above freezing for 3 days. This is big for Dallas! Some of you laugh at that but here the homes are not built to protect pipes like up north. I have my faucets dripping but that is an issue for 3 days on a septic tank. I will have to leave the dripping even while I am at work. I am worried that the drains will freeze causing the sinks and tubs to fill up and overflow.

Stay warm.....tonight it will be in the mid teens.

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