Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Towels.....hot tub....seems like we are about to have some fun right???


You should be glad you can't smell this water. Rotten leaves and pine needles. I feel very very blessed that there were no dead rotting animals in the water though because I was standing right in the middle of it while I scooped it out.

I tried the spray foam and it just would not work. I don't know if i got the wrong kind but it didn't swell up very much and it came out more like a snake and the snakes could not be smoothed out.

So I scooped it out. This is how I figure it. The liquid on the top seats will probably evaporate...at least when the humidity level is low.

The liquid that collects in the bottom if it reaches that high can be drained off by the hot tubs already in place 4 drain holes which are about 2 inches from the bottom.

And because I will be harvesting the worm castings I will be digging down and removing the dirt in that bottom square and replacing it with "fresh" worm food....leaves, paper, manure, etc.

I didn't get all of the rabbit manure put in there yet. Only the bags which were light enough to lift.

I ran out of light before I could move over the 7 wheel barrow loads of horse manure; and tonight I will get out the shredder and will work on the old bills and bank statements that I will put in.

I did add two bags of top soil though just to give the worms something unmanury to crawl in. (is that a word?)

While online I will look for a local worm producer to buy my initial start up worms. If I can't find one I will order a pound of red wigglers and a pound of night crawlers online. Everything I read says not to waste my money on night crawlers but I know a few managers and some little kids that might like to dig some out for fishing bait.

Tomorrow I will add the paper and the horse manure. It looks like heat will be my enemy in worm production. So I will look for a large tree which I can plant that is fast growing and can provide shade to the hot tub during the summer. It still may get too hot but maybe not.


Sissy said...

Here night crawlers are a top seller and very expensive @ $3 dozen.

I've had my own bad experiences with that yellow foamy sealant. I don't like it. How about using silicone caulk;it works really well; of course, you have to buy a caulking gun to use. Check at Lowe's.


Sissy I was trying to fill up the seats so that they would not collect fluid during the vermicomposting. I still think it will work though


Ok i have to change the name. there is already a worm world. Give me some ideas!

Leasmom said...

I would kill for your weather, Tracy! You can do so much! Good for you with the worm world!!!