Monday, January 18, 2010


These are Scotch Eggs. I made them for the game yesterday and had some left over. Inside is a boiled egg...this is wrapped in a thin patty of breakfast sausage and bacon. Once it is rolled in sausage it is rolled in oats and then baked 45 min to an hour. It really is amazing!

Garden Work
Tonight I added more dirt to the first raised bed and laid out cypress mulch on the 6 mil plastic I laid under the beds. I will need about 25 bags of mulch and 12 large bags of dirt to fill the new beds.

Giant Worm Farm:
I have hit a snag. I realized today that the formed seats in the hot tub will hold fluid. I will have to "fill" those seats so that the fluid drains to the bottom of the hot tub.

Any ideas?


Faith said...

You could fill them with that insulation in a can - the kind that sprays out and fills cracks. Spray it, quickly spread it with a gloved hand.

But you'd need to check on toxicity in breaking down. If it's not good, you could drape some plastic sheeting down over it so the earthworm dirt would not come into much contact.

Or any type of filler. You'll still have water sitting there, but the earthworm dirt won't bit sitting in it.

Yes, I still had your email addy. :o) I'll get that out to you.



This is a brilliant idea. I could not figure out what I could do that was affordable. Interestingly enough my dad worked for the company who "invented" this stuff. I remmember living in WV and him bringing big chunks of it home to show us. Thank you Faith

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I am so making that recipe! Looks delicious! :) I think the spray foam is a great idea. The only thing I thought of was sitting a sand bag in them to displace the dirt, but I think the foam sounds better.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Oh, what is the temp to bake the Scotch eggs? Do you cover them or leave them uncovered? Do you sit them on a rack to drain the grease as they cook?


Jennifer it calls for 375 for 45 minutes. They seems to be done when they have juices sizzling out of them and they are firm.