Sunday, August 3, 2008


My daughter asked me why I can't just sit all day on my "day off" and why I have a need to do something all the time. She said she guesses that when she owns a home of her own she will feel like doing something on her days off. So on my day off, I set the clock for 7am since I was up until almost 2am chatting and talking with Heather and playing on the computer. Inside me is a "buzz" that wants to do something. Rake the pine needles and move them into a pile and cover until Feb for the blueberry bushes, move the 5 new bags of rabbit poo out by the garden, rake the first of 100's of loads of dead leaves and take them to the garden, layer the leaves and the rabbit poo with water in a compost pile where I told my grandkids, God makes magic happen....and finally start painting the house. Well the boys and I got some of this list done. The pine needles are in piles ready to be moved, haven't raked the leaves, the rabbit poo did get to the garden and we did start painting on sealer over the hot pink paint. It's a start but by 10am it was way too hot for anything put water play and sitting in the shade watching the hummer battles. Peaceful day off.


BKS said...

I cannot believe anyone would want to paint over such lovely hot pink paint....Liking the pics and your blog reminds me of all the stuff I NEED to be doing haha.

Stay cool!

Heather said...

lol...bks! My grand kids are disapointed too. The pink beacon on the hill will be no more.