Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From Night to Day

100 upon leaving work...1 hour drive home....80 when I got home! Thank you tropical storm Eduardo! 1 hour! Why do I do this? Every day on the way home I ask myself the same question. Every day I am given a slightly different answer. Today, not only was it 80 degrees outside, but the sky had a magical quality to it. The wind was whipping about, 2 doves sat on the picnic table bird baths still as statues. My wind chime sang non stop. Clouds looked like pink cotton candy. Hummingbirds were having a hard time balancing in the high wind. All this I saw in a glance as I pulled into the driveway. But as I got out of the car, I was confronted with a sight that took my breath away. Pictures will never do a rainbow justice, but this rainbow absolutely took my breath away. Against a gray back drop, with the sun setting behind me, I was awe struck. All thoughts of piddling around the yard, trying to paint a little, moving the rabbit poo out back simply left my mind. All I could do was look at this and wonder at it. In the background I heard the sounds of a rooster crowing in defiance of the setting sun, the sounds of cattle lowing readying for the long night, and the soft talk of the mourning doves and eastern blue birds....and still all I could do was stare in awe.

Then reality set in.....found the water was turned off......guess I will have to pee in the yard!


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Anonymous said...

What great photos you have! I hope the storm didnt do much damage. Up here in this portion of the Northwest, we can get a week or so of 100 + degrees and i also relish the cooler mornings. Love your blog!

FARMLIFE said...

Thanks SMR! Ian, let me do a little research and I will let you know.