Friday, August 8, 2008


Savage warriors...until they get a boo boo. Makers of fire....with Neena's help. Lovers of at Thanksgiving the bird on the table is a really big chicken. Conquerers of mighty mountains...that have swings hanging off of them. Finders of exotic birds nests....until Bull eats it. What a night. I left work out the door at work and down the road to sure adventure. I first picked up Jayden and Dakota. The evening would not be complete without Lane. It will be his last time for a long time to spend the night with his cousins. He will be going home soon to North Carolina. A hurried trip to Walmart for t-shirts, boxers and flip flops...along with the agreed upon dinner. Not something cooked on the fire outside but....Neena's home made pancakes...the dinner of champions. Jayden is butter and syrup. Dakota is butter and jelly. Lane is peanut butter and jelly. Cold fresh bubbly milk tops off the meal and off they go to the living room to play while I finished the dishes. While I was cooking dinner, Jayden being the oldest, and with the strongest love of fire, gathered sticks, logs and pine cones and filled the fire pit brimming and ready for the bon fire. Soon we were sitting around the blazing fire telling scary stories and waiting for the fire to die a little so that we could roast chocolate marshmallows. Bull was sad when we went inside but we had to build the best tent of all time. It had to include the TV or it would not have been perfect. As I sit in the dark and I hear silence from inside the tent I realize that here they find peace....if only in their hearts.

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Peggy said...

Making some awesome memories!