Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I hate being sick! I am listening to a book on tape. Dean Koontz. Funny guy.

I want so much to be outside but I may have gotten chilled on Saturday working outside all day. That may be why I am sick now.

So I started a large package of frozen onions and peppers called season mix in the dehydrator.

I just finished a large package of peas, corn, beans and carrots.

I will mix them together when they are done and store them in canning jars.

When I can, I will mount 3 sets of curtains in the living room. I will try to work on laundry.

It has been cloudy and gloomy since Friday. I am very ready for sun. (yep after a long summer of so many days cloudless and over 100 degrees this is surprising)

Until then, I will start a fire in the fireplace and continue to rest and restore with homemade chicken noodle soup with bay, garlic, caynene, nutmeg, and onions; jasmine tea and palm sugar, and theraflu

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