Saturday, February 4, 2012


You would not believe how peaceful it is outside. Last night storms shook the house...wind....downpours...thunder and lightning.

Today the sky is full of ragged torn grey and white clouds...with peeks of blue sky. Eastern Bluebirds are singing on the fence line.

Light cool breeze.

And all of the birds are singing, doing battle for the favorite female and all in all declaring that Spring has come to Texas. (what happened to winter?)

I took a drive yesterday after work to Soil Technology in Caddo Mills, TX. I met a wonderfully nice man who showed me their soil blends in huge piles. He custom mixed 1/3 compost, 1/3 garden soil and 1/3 sandy loam and filled the back of my truck.

I filled my salad garden.Here is the fence we put up around the salad garden. I will plant onions tomorrow and lettuce.

I filled every pot I could find.

I transplanted irises that a friend gave me. And I transplanted some grape hycinths that I collected in 2002 when I moved from Van Alstyne, TX to Wylie TX. I can't believe I still have them or that they are alive! I never watered them through last years drought.

I pruned all of my fruit and nut trees and my grape vines. I think they lived also and I never watered them either. If they are alive it is a miracle and I need to lavish love on them this year.

And look who I found sleeping in the shed! Yes that is what you think it is.

As you can see my happy helper is always at attention with his eyes on me. Just in case I need him or want to hug him.

My beautiful rooster looking out for his hen while she searches for bugs and seeds.

Ok so these may not sprout...but maybe they will. I am going to try to grow chestnut trees.

If this sweet bay is still alive it will be a miracle but the root system was strong and the limbs were flexible. So I decided to add compost and prune it to see what happens.

Curley Parsley

Red Rasberries

Orange Citrus Mint


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