Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am chilled to my deepest inside parts! It was 24 when I woke this morning...and I slept late. I drank a cup of jasmine tea and enjoyed the morning. I picked up my helper at 11 and by noon we had purchased 150lb of animal feed, and a post puller. We got home and he and I moved 2 more raised beds from back to the front new garden area, laid out another 300sf of heavy black plastic under the new beds and on the sides and ends, then while I built two round wire compost bins, he pulled 50 t posts and took down 100ft of wire fence.

We cut it in half and rolled it up and dragged it over to the new garden area. I trimmed back the huge red tipped photenias that are on the back of the garden so we could work and so the beds would get good morning sun. He removed 16 t posts and drove them into the laid plastic on the perimeter of the new garden area. Then we ran the old wire fence around the new garden area. Then he mounted two of my curtain brackets and we removed the tool box from the back of my truck because I now need 2 yards of dirt to fill the rest of the beds.

I have one 4x8x10" bed full to the top with wonderful garden dirt/compost blend and one 2'x8x14" bed half full of garden dirt. This is the potato bed. I will check the calendar and see if I can plant tomorrow. As the plants grow I will add more dirt until it is full to the top.

It never got over 39 today and the wind blew all day hard.

Although I kept on gloves and a hat I am still very chilled.

I have taken 3 advils and every muscle on my body still hurts. I am going to take a hot shower and will relax the rest of the evening under a thick soft blanket.

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