Sunday, July 3, 2011


At least I do if I work today until midnight. here is the list of farm chores I hope to complete tomorrow:

1. clean out the chicken house
2. use the chicken house stuff to fill the raised beds
3. rake the millions of pounds of mowed grass with the lawn tractor to turn it and let it complete drying
4. begin stacking the dry grass..this will be used for rabbit nest boxes, chicken nest boxes and rabbit food this winter. Dad said that they used to use a pole and pile the dry grass around the pole and it would not blow away
5. Clean out the area in front of the rabbit cages and run a magnet for nails
6. Take the rolling trash can around the yard and pick up trash
7. take the tractor and trailer around the yard and pick up stuff that needs to go down by the road...almost ready for a bulk trash pick up
8. Clean off the front porch and rearrange and make it look pretty
9. clean the house, do laundry and mop floors.
10. Daydream about seeing my boy on the 9th...he comes home from the Army for good
11. If I have anything left maybe I will go to sissys house and float in the pool.


Patty Sumner said...

I would say enjou, but sounds as if you are going to be very busy. Off work to work! Of course, if you are like me,those are the things you enjoy doing. Blessings and Happy 4th!


Thank you Patty!