Saturday, July 23, 2011


I just took all 4 of my grandchildren to Austin TX on vacation. All children need time away from the watchful eyes of parents so that they can eat cotton candy for breakfast and skip lunch in liu of something more appetizing.

Well while there I realized how out of shape and overweight I really was. Yes I had fun but I could have had so much more fun!

When I came home I was exhausted. So I sat in my trusty recliner with my laptop on my lap and tuned into quiet evening.

I found the movie Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead. This movie opened my eyes. This was me! Do I really want my grandchildren to lose me early? Do I really want to be taking buckets of meds for the rest of my life?

I am so overweight I can not move without pain.

So here it first Mean Green. I will be doing a juice fast. I am not sure if it will be a 10 day fast or a 60 day fast. Either will be fine with me. But at my weight I need a major reboot and detox.


jpark22 said...

That just does not look very good to me. Please keep us posted on your weight loss. I am interested to see if it works. I am just about willing to even try the green drink. LOL

jpark22 said...

Please post on your diet drink!! So anxious to hear how it's going.