Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Business of Illness

Today while shopping for fresh veggies for the next 3 days of meals, it occurred to me what a big business illness has become.

1. First there is the business of becoming ill:
Busy schedule causes the need for
Fast food
Shipment of fast food ingredients to the plant
Employment of the people who process the "food"
Employment of the people who research and make the equipment needed to process the fast food
Employment of the people who keep the manufacturing and processing equipment running
Restaurants: shipment of ingredients to the restaurant
In the event that this is processed food the same applies as under fast food
Bill boards to advertise the above
Commercials to advertise the above
Clothing manufacturers: there aren't very many people who maintain the same size every season

2. Now we are ill and obese
Research and manufacture of the following:
blood pressure meds
cholesterol meds
diabetes meds
diet pills
gym memberships
medical costs associated with obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease
orthopedic diseases
pain meds--research, manufacture and sales
gastric medications: research, manufacture and sales
surgical procedures for radical weight loss: research medical costs associated with the surgery and with the side effects
research and treatment of all forms of cancer

Publishing and sale of books on all of the above.

***I wonder what the US economy would look like if the above went away
***I wonder what the US economy would look like if every person living in a house would grow 2 4x4 garden beds of vegetables and add what they grow to their daily diet.

Do you really believe that our government doesn't know the above?

3 days meals:

Tonights dinner:

One days fruits and veggies: 6lb 3oz

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