Saturday, June 5, 2010


Right now it is 96 degrees outside. I love it!! Ok so I have the a/c on in the house when I can't take it any more.

I am prepping for vacation. First I turned on the water out front and ran my 150 foot hose and have been watering the new orchard trees and grapes. I will do this again next weekend.

As I was doing this I watched Bull. He is still very hot but this is how he deals with it. He runs from shade spot to shade spot as close to me as he can get. Not a dumb doggie.

I planted purple hull peas at the bases of my pecan trees and persimon trees. I don't plan on getting peas out of them but they will provide nitrogen for the trees.

Then I started the firestarters I will need on our 2 week camping trip. Remember all that doggie hair from yesterday? I raked it into a pile, also brought out brown paper lunch bags, all the dryer lint I have been saving.

Then brought the can of pine cones I have been saving.

The sycamore tree out front is shedding it's bark like it does every spring. It is brittle and shatters and makes great kindling.

I filled a 5 gallon bucket with crushed pine cones, crushed bark, and pine needles.

Took a brown paper bag and filled the bottom with doggie hair, and the bag with crushed kindling, and topped it off with dryer lint. And closed the top.

Two 5 gallon buckets made 14 fire starters.This will start 1 fire for every day we are gone. We won't have a fire every day but you never know.

One 5 gallon bucket will store 10 and will keep them dry and ready to use.

Right now I am getting ready to make a run to town. First Tractor Supply to get cat wormer and insect foggers. Time to do battle.

Then to the grocery to get a loaf of bread for the yummy lunch which I guess I have missed since it is 1pm! No wonder I am hungry.

Then stop at the gas station to get gas to mow and weed eat. (this evenings chore)

Last stop is the feed store to get a bag of chicken food to fill the can for when I am gone.

When I get back I will have to turn on my work computer and do some "work"..still don't know why they call it that.

****Update at 3:28 pm***** I am finally home and sitting eating the most amazing juicy red tomato sandwich. Juice keeps rolling down my chin! I guess dinner will late also?

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Faith said...

I would not have thought to put the dog hair in there. Burns well, but the smell! LOL Great idea to get a bunch of fire starters pre-made.

Two weeks you will be gone? WOW!

I'm sure you've taken off already, but I pray this is a wonderful time filled with blessing and fun!