Friday, June 4, 2010


My poor doggy is so hot. I decided to donate my own hair brush which is the only thing in my home which would work on his coat. I tied him to a tree and started brushing. I brushed for half an hour and got enough hair from him to start a new doggy.

He looks a little better. Still have a lot to go.

And here are the first two full sized tomatos from my garden!!!. Tomorrow for lunch I am having a tomato sandwich with mayo....and for dinner....a tomato sandwich with mayo!


Faith said...


Have you thought of shaving him? I know people do that. I even heard of doing it to cats, but when I tried it, I was entirely unsuccessful!


frugalgravy said...

He looked happy though!!! And those tomatoes are gorgeous!!


A pyrenes's fur is what keeps him cool. Once the under coat is out he would actually be hotter w/out it. I was told that by a groomer. You should have seen my shirt! I almost ate my tomatos with my scrambled egg whites this morning. I love eggs and tomatos together.