Sunday, November 29, 2009


Oh my goodness....all it took was getting my first two seed catalogs and my mental wheels are now turning like crazy.

I found Backyard Food Production and just from the short preview, want so bad to make my farm sustainable.

I know it takes hard work. I know it takes self discipline.

So I am beginning my 2010 planning. My garden will need to be totally re-conditioned and that must start soon. Some of the beds there must be torn out and re-designed.

I will try to keep the list..... which I am sure will be an ever growing changing thing....up to date. Here is a beginning item:

1. every weekend clean out stalls at the barn and bring home the manure

This item is the keystone to my whole plan. It also will take the most self discipline. I have at my finger tips an unlimited supply of animal manure but out of laziness don't bring it home. Time to change

2. Add 10 raised beds "sealed" at the bottom to hold back bermuda grass and fire ants.

3. Add fencing to protect the garden from chickens.

4. Buy a roof tarp for the shed/chicken house to protect from leaking (this delays re-roofing until next year)

5. Plant a min of 5 semi dwarf fruit trees, 2 nut trees, and 5 grapes and 5 hardy kiwis.

6. Dig out the pond

7. Add a flock of muscavoy ducks and house them in the orchard with "trays" of water at each tree for them to enjoy. These will be dumped when dirty for the tree along with all of the liquid fertilizer.

8. Raise dwarf turkeys...maybe 10? These are small enough for me to butcher by myself.

9. My goal for my garden is 100 pounds of frozen veggies, 200 jars of some kind of tomato product (juice, soup, sauce).

10. Mount 10 bird houses and maintain 2 feeders and 2 bird baths in the front yard.

11. Plant a Linden Tree

Ok that is what I have. Again this will take self discipline in both my budget and in my activity. I will have to fight off doubt. When I update this I will copy the whole thing and add revisions to it.

I am excited about this new year.


Peggy said...

I need a nap after reading your list! I am going to try to get the girls interested in gardening but will have a few raised beds of my own for sure. Am trying to get the cabin and myself more self sufficent. Have a blessed week!


you too peggy.

Leasmom said...

I haven't gotten any of my catalogs yet. It should've come by now...I guess they won't send it till Jan. You've got great goals, I hope you'll achieve them all!

Heather said...

Thank you!!! I swear I am lazy though.