Sunday, November 29, 2009


My grandsons and I drew a family tree yesterday. We read stories in my fathers book about his mother Genevieve and his father Cecil and their children.

We looked at the photos in the book and the subject of food storage came up. We were on our way to the store anyway so I asked them if they wanted to experiment with two different types of food storage. They thought that would be cool.

We started sweet potatos and beef dehydrating.

Then we started biltong.

Dried meat and veggies is pretty simple. I didn't add salt or any seasonings because I wanted them to see the basics first. My son and daughter loved unsalted unseasoned dried beef when they were young.

Biltong originated in S Africa and has been a meat storage method for thousands of years. Unlike jerky, biltong is thick and is dried in the shade not the sun.

The recipe I used is from The Survival Podcast

By this morning when I took the meat out of the frig to hang it was already stiff and starting to mummify. I had explained the process of mummification to them enroute to the store and while standing in the spice section looking for coriander, my youngest asked "Nanna are we going to be able to eat the mummy meat?"....the man standing beside me left quickly.

Here is the hanging Biltong and it will be ready in two weeks. (my daughter says to have my will in order prior to sampling this...oh yee of little faith)

ps...The sick chicken Oreo died.

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