Saturday, November 21, 2009


No pics. Today I talked to my grandsons about disaster preparedness, and I got to show them my preps for if the electricity goes out. I showed them my stash of water.

I let them try out my wind up weather radio/am/fm and they thought that was cool. We counted 7 kerosene lamps 3 of which are filled and ready.

We talked about how some people lose their jobs and so if we have 6 months of food in the cabinets, there is no need to worry.

Then we went outside with their new pocket knives and we had the first of many lessons.

We learned how to hold with the blade away and our thumb on the back of the blade for control.

We learned what our safe space is where no one is allowed to walk while we are using our knife.

We practiced making feather sticks and worked on J's walking stick. I showed them the hot dog/marshmallow sticks i had made.

Then I showed them how the knife works on the flint at the back of a fire starter block and then they go to try. They loved making sparks.

Then I got out dryer lint and lighted it and they thought I was sooo cool.

Inside, mommy brought hot dogs to cook so we built a fire in the wood burning stove...we all took turns trying to light the dryer lint and we laughed and failed miserably. Finally we went to plan B...matches. Mommy laughed and sat on the couch offering her lighter.

We cooked wonderful hot dogs and then watched some Youtube videos on what you can do with a pocket knives. Now they are fast asleep dreaming about using them to carve great and wonderful things no doubt.


Peggy said...

you are such a awesome grandma


Thank you Peggy! I know you are too.