Sunday, September 21, 2008


I slowly woke this morning, after a late night of getting caught up on line to the soft sounds of the owls in the creekline talking back and forth to each other. Then a mocking bird, a chickadee and two cardinals in the tree outside my window added to the chorus and for just a brief 5 minutes or so I could hear all of them together. Then the owls faded and slowly were gone as the day birds became louder and more vibrant. The coffee is made, and I sit now at my computer and watch the sunrise and the hummingbirds make their way to the feeder. Not sure how much longer I will have them before they begin their treck South. I need to mow but not today. I will have a long day there today. It is frustrating because If everyone would come in and push none of us would be there very long, but there are only a few therefore we will be there a long time. It will be dark again before I get home. That's ok, just one step closer to paying off debt.

I know a chicken that I want in my chicken house when it gets done...I want a rooster and several hen Maran's. I have fallen in love with the dark chocolate brown eggs and want those genetics in my chickens. I wish my mom wasn't ill so my dad could come and finish the chicken house.

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