Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1-summer is over; dove season begins

What a wonderful 3 day weekend this has been. I am writing this on the morning of the 3rd day. Daughter and 2 grand boys are still asleep....the only sounds I hear are the far off sounds of shotguns as today is opening dove season. I plan to continue to paint sealer on the pink house. One day it will not be hot pink any more. It is still horribly hot though. Painting stops at noon.

At sunset last night I knocked down a bunch of large pine cones. I am going to give these to my sister. She wants to make cinnamon scented fire starters to give away at christmas.

The boys continue to renovate the club house. The sign out front by the way says "Santas Drop Off for Jayden and Dakota".....they are drawing "lights" up the slide with a water proof marker as a runway for reindeer. I will take more pics when they are gone. Their minds simply amaze me....and because to them it is very real makes it all the more special.

Here is a picture I took just at dusk last night. Jayden was saving a doll from Bull.....but when we came in and stuck the photo chip into my computer, that scene transformed into Jayden saving a princess from a fire eyed demon dog. Funny how he suddenly became very proud that he had saved that doll!!

Prayers for all who are in the path of Hurricane Gustav!

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Patrice Farmer said...

That's cute...a fire eyed demon dog-lol.