Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tonight I took my medicine and lay down in my bed. I thought briefly of reading by decided to turn of the light instead. As I snuggled into my soft mattress, my cat Flash curled up next to me purring. I can finally sleep with the windows open. The moon is very bright. I can hear one cricket by the window, and many cousins out in the tall grass. Then the sound of a lone coyote. Possibly a big male as deep as his voice was. Just one brief howl....then silence. Then another...this one closer...louder. And then another....closer still. Suddenly from out of the darkness through my bedroom window, there was an explosion of joyous coyote howls...adults, juveniles (with their little voices still cracking) and tiny baby pups....all howling at the top of their lungs about a hundred yards from my bedroom window. I could hear in their voices the joy of reunion as they met up with their lost pack member. Then there was silence as they moved on their way. Had to get out of bed and share.


Patrice Farmer said...

Thats so poetic. How nice!

Tara said...

Lovely! I live on 12 acres in Grandview, and that's one of my favorite things about being here. I found you via farmblogs and wanted to drop in and say hello, since I'm not too far from you (a bit south of Fort Worth).


Tara cool blog;