Monday, April 2, 2012


I am watching a documentary on the Amish. Maybe it is simply a misconception due to media but this is what I see:

1. The guy with the most horses has the power. Some farmers have 1 or 2 horses and pulls a normal sized load of hay. Then there is the rich powerful Amishman who has a huge 4+ horse team pulling a huge wagon load of hay. Why? What causes a man who professes not to be of this world to do this? Maybe he has a huge family and needs to raise more money or food than the others? I don't think so. I think it is the same as we...greed. (simply disquised?)

2. Why the changes to gas powered machines now? What is the difference between a gas powered hay baler and a gas powered vehicle?

2. I saw a far off video of a fast moving two person cart and a fast running horse pulling it and the husband and wife and my first thought was "sports car". hmmm

I hope they do not lose their way. If that were my life I would want for technology that was invented to make the hard work more bearable....however I wonder if that technology is what draws us off the path that leads to our maker.....or that creates a sense of laziness in our minds.

just thoughts;

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