Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This evening the sun was warm and the breeze was cool. Perfect combination.

My chore list started with cutting and drying home grown and wild crafted tea. It contains the following:

CLEAVERS (wild crafted)

I picked them and all but the cleavers got washed and put into my dehydrator on low temp.

The cleavers was in a HUGE wad so I cut it up into smaller wads for airflow and laid them out in my office to dry.

When all of these are dry they will be crunched up and put into a quart mason jar and shaken up for herbal tea. I love tea.


I pulled up the rest of my broccoli and fed it to the rabbits.

In it's place I planted about 20 misc varieties of not hot peppers. You can't have too many peppers frozen or dried for the winter months. I also hope to throw some on the grill and char them before I freeze them for soups and stews.

Then I filled 5 gallon buckets full of "duck water" from the black duck water trough. Then I used this water on my new pepper transplants, ghost pumpkins, butternut and acorn squash, water melons, canteloup, tomatos and beans. Then I watered it in.

All this time the breeze was blowing keeping me cool while I did chores.

I opened the rabbit nest and counted 10 new babies.

I filled all the water containers and also watered all of my potted plants on the porch.

I am growing Meyers Lemons

Clemantine oranges

Horse radish

Lemon Grass

All in containers on the porch plus much much more. All are doing well. They get duck water about every two weeks.

Then I filled up a 30 gallon trash container with a lid with water and molassas. In 2 days I will fill a zippered screen bag with compost and drop it down in there. I can't afford an air pump for an aquarium so I will have to stir it vigorously a couple of times a day. This will be compost tea and it will be done in a week.

I can't wait to use it on my garden and potted plants.

After all chores were done, I sat in my comfortable porch chair and watched the momma duck take her new babies for a swim in the pond. I can't help but worry about them.

Then cooked spinach with garlic and covered it with ginger chicken.

Good night folks.

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