Saturday, December 3, 2011


Wow what a discovery. I looked on Local Harvest . com and found a farmer in my area(we are talking 8 miles away!) with a newish you pick farm. I emailed to see if there was anything left this time of year and during a drought. He emailed back and said He had mountains of green tomatos for FREE!!!

I spent time picking tomatos and looking around their wonderful farm. A huge pit bull protects their chickens and roosters. He loved me to scratch him under the chin. (Yes I dislike that breed of dog but Charlie was endearing).

Anyway I have an 8 gallon bucket of green tomatos that will be made into chow chow tomorrow. He also let me have all the Jalepenos I wanted also for free.

I bought fall greens and some tomatos that I found that were red and unharmed by the freeze.

I can't wait til next year. He has 6 foot high black berry bushes.

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