Friday, February 4, 2011


Yep it happened last night. Snow. I hear you guys...yea yea so? Well I know for the folks in the North East and the Missouri area the feeling for snow wore off about a month ago but there's just something about walking out of your house before daylight and seeing the whole world white.

Bull walked up to me with his tail gently waving back and forth...this is his waiting she in a good she going to work....does she have time to play?

I looked out over the field and so did he. I smiled...he growled. Then an eerie high pitched whine started out beyond the fence that developed into the howl of one lone coyote. He had reason to growl. This weather would make hunting hard and coyotes are very lazy.

We walked on to the rabbit pens. I filled all of the water bowls (switched to bowls since the bottles were freezing in an hour and a baby bunny got his little tiny tongue stuck to the frozen metal ball). Then I walked out to the chicken house were the two Lion Head rabbits were patiently waiting for their water.

If you have never owned a turkey or you have never sat on the ground during a spring turkey hunt, you probably don't know the sounds that a tom turkey makes. Deep in their guts they make a pop and thrum sound that is so deep you feel it in your bones. They don't always gobble...seems that they make this noise all night long as well as at the end of a gobble.

Bull growled and growled as I finished up watering. It's still snowing. He stood with his head pointed north at high alert, his hackles up, his tail stiff and straight up, protecting his could also feel his deep growl to your bones.

I would imagine that lone coyote felt it as well.

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