Saturday, October 17, 2009


At least he is half listening in sunday school. I was taking my oldest (7) grand son home after he spent the night with me and he was talking about all kinds of things. Then he told me that one time a long time ago the world was covered with water. The plants in the ocean grew and died and grew and died and turned into dirt. Finally there was enough dirt that it was above the water and people could live on that dirt so God decided to make people. But he only made two and they didn't have any clothes on at all! Not even underwear.

Nanna: What were their names?
J: (after some thought) Josephy and Alexsis
Nanna: Wow really?
J: Yea but then they ate an apple and got kicked out

I really love my grand kids.

Also on that trip we decided to play a game and see if we could count all the fire ant hills between my house and his dad's house. Because of all the recent rain the ant hills are huge. We gave up at 200 and then passed two fields which had to have housed 200 each. We really have some problems here.

Hope you have many grand kids and no fire ants!


Faith said...

Wow, that many hills is scary! I'm glad we don't have those here. Yet.

Kids are so cute. Hopefully you were able to clear some of that up for them. LOL


Leasmom said...

LOL! Kids are precious!!!


i love the way their minds think.