Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Acorns: Gods gift to the world

For centuries, the simple acorn has fed hungry people.

I got 5 pounds of acorns from a friends tree. Cracked about half, leached in water, then roughly ground them and lay them out to dry on a cookie sheet.

From here I will let my oldest grand son grind it into flour. First in the blender and then in the grain grinder.

Then we will make acorn bread.


fischbutt said...

Wow, I never realized (as you can tell, I'm very new to country living) that acorns could be used for anything other than to feed squirrels...until I read your blog. Congrats on what you are doing and for making me aware of how things can (and should) be used for many, many things.....fischbutt

Peggy said...

you are my hero


I would recommend to anyone interesting going to youtube and typing in BUSHCRAFTONFIRE and watch these videos. they are amazing.

Thank you fischbutt and Peggy!


Here is a recipe: