Saturday, December 29, 2012


I was off work today and made some more unscented honey oatmeal soap. But first I found that I didn't have enough tallow so I spent several hours rendering tallow.

I got new knives from my son and daughter in law for Christmas....can you tell?

During this time I decided to melt and store some of the smoked tallow I rendered last week over an open fire. I was sure it was ruined because of how it smelled....very smoky....but decided rather than waste it I would make a batch of soap and if nothing else I could use it as a degreaser soap for when I had been working outside. Here is what it looked like melted:

Here is the soap cooking in the crock pot


When it was 30 min from being done, I got out my cool little chopper


And I chopped some oats for the soap

Added my super fats: cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter

Added 4 oz of honey and 2 T of vegetable glycerine

Cooked it for 30 more minutes on low. Poured it into the box that I am using for a mold.


And put the lid on the let it cool. Tomorrow I will take it out and cut it into bars.



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